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All articles, essays, editorial cartoons and opinions that are sent to Teen Voices of Democracy must first be stored on a Web site or blog. The specific Web address (URL) where that content is located is required on the form below (see the first box). What we need is the Web address of your article, not the generic Web address of the server or host of your article. If you don't have access to a Web site or blog to send and store your content, click here.

Sending Your Article to a Web Site or Blog

To learn how to create your personal Web site or blog, click here. Also, you can go to Google or another search engine and type this phrase, "Create blog." Two search results you will see are free blog-publishing tools named and

Examples of what the Web address you must send us might look like:

Please note that it is important to include the name or other identifying characters that point to your article (the characters after the first backslash (/) in the Web address.