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Frequently Asked Questions

The content of this page will be expanded as questions arrive from students, parents, teachers, professional journalists and others.

For starters, here are a few questions we might expect ... together with our answers. Other questions will be posted here, as they arrive.

Q. I'm a high school student. Do I have to sign up or register in advance to be a "civic journalist" and send something I have written to Teen Voices of Democracy?

A. No. You don't have to register or sign up or be approved by anybody to participate. All you have to do is send us a thought, an experience you have had, or a quote you have heard someone else say. You can also write longer essays, articles and opinions.

Q. How do I send my articles and opinions to Teen Voices of Democracy?

A. Students must inform us about where their articles or essays are stored. To do that, students can click on the "Send Article" button at the top of the front page of this website. See the procedures article on this we site for details about what is required on the form.

Q. What kinds of information will Teen Voices of Democracy publish?

A. We will publish Web links to your written content or YouTube video, along with your name, school and city/town. The content we are looking for concerns the social and political issues that affect teenagers and their families.

Q. Will the things I write be censored?

A. The managers of Teen Voices of Democracy believe strongly in the First Amendment and the free flow of ideas, even controversial ones, sent to us by our nation's youth. We will, however, read all postings before they are "printed" on our network, in order to assure that they are free from obscenities, avoid the potential of libel or slander, protect the personal privacy of individuals and aren't disruptive to schools or the community. Be sure to read the "disclaimer" statement on our Web pages.